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When considering a logo for Beckett Counseling Services, we really wanted to capture something meaningful, bold and dynamic. We did a study of several other counseling website logos and felt a general sense of un-intentionality. Many of them were whispy and light with soft colors. That's not to say that any of these logos were bad- we just didn't know how much consideration they were given on the front end. We wanted the BCS logo to be intentional and to tie directly into the philosophy of BCS. We understand that bold colors such as red, white, and black may not be the traditional marketing pallet for a counseling brand but BCS is anything but traditional. While counseling at BCS can be lighthearted and fun, working on self can be tough work. At BCS, we take that seriously. We desire nothing more than for you to accomplish your goals and live a joyful life. Walking that out requires a healthy balance of cognitions and emotions (the "heart") working in tandem one with the other.

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