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"He is unique in his ability to make you work to better yourself without making you feel pressured or judged."

Over the past 15 years, B.C.S. has worked with countless individuals in need. Here are some of their testimonies...

Smiling Middle Aged Woman


"There simply are not enough words to describe what impact Rob has made on my life. He is incredibly professional, yet so relatable, and down to earth. I often thought counseling was based on what these individuals learned throughout their education. However, I have come to realize for some this is just their calling in life. Rob is truly gifted and naturally compassionate. I thank him for simply being him and not treating what he does like a job, this is a passion for him and it shows."

Woman with Short Hair


"Rob has been a lifesaver to me through some traumatic recent experiences... Not only does he have the expertise to help me - he genuinely cares. I am so thankful to know this kind soul."

Man with Long Hair


"An amazing counselor. Empathetic, understanding and with a great sense of humor. It’s like talking to a really good friend who also gives great advice. I enjoy working with him and feel that our sessions have improved my relationship and generally my well-being. Thanks for everything!"

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